Share buttons appear after every oik DIY shortcode – workaround

I’m investigating a problem reported on When you use a DIY shortcode from diy-oik then the Share Buttons by AddToAny appear after each DIY shortcode.

The workaround is to disable AddToAny sharing and then use its shortcode.


Do It Yourself Do It Yourself


hover to slideToggle source

Shortcodes being expanded in bw_geshi

This example of bw_geshi contains a shortcode that should not have expanded.

[bw_plug option=active_plugins]

When the NextGen plugin is active, the shortcodes ignored by the bw_geshi shortcode would get expanded by NextGen. This was unwanted behaviour, which has now been fixed with version 0.5 of the oik-css plugin. Continue reading “Shortcodes being expanded in bw_geshi”