We don’t do hardware but we know a man who does

Yesterday we had to call in a PC specialist in order to fix problems on two of our aged desktops.
For Herb’s machine there was a very noisy fan on the newish graphics card.
Simple fix: unplug the electric lead to the fan so that it no longer attempts to whizz

For my machine: well… it was OK if I just wanted to look at the sign in screen, but as soon as I started it up the whole displayed charged from left to right so you couldn’t see a thing.
When I’ve learnt how I’ll try to paste an example of what it looked like
Fix: reset the whole system to default settings and then reduce the screen resolution from (blah) to something less.
Explanation: the machine was not designed to handle a super duper 20″ wide screen so has a tantrum throws its toys out of the pram.

… but today… we have migrated from BT internet to Utilities Warehouse broadband and it’s playing up again.
I may soon be the happy owner of a shiny new laptop.

Oh, and the man who does (fix hardware) is called David Somma ( www.microsomma.com )

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