The tee-lady is the new model for 2012, designed specifically for the female golfer.

tee-lady – New for 2012!

New for 2012 the “tee-lady” aka Lady T.

This sleek model is designed with the lady golfer in mind. Using exactly the same technology as the small blue and green tees, the tee-lady is pre-attuned to female players.

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How does the tee-lady compare?

We asked an expert to compare the tee-lady to the small blue. Here is what he said.

It’s a very exciting time. I understand that the tee-lady has been in development for two years. The tee-lady follows exactly the same design principles as the small blue. I believe that the tee-lady is as effective as the small blue, which is as effective now as it was when it was first launched.