Finding your ball

Simple instructions for finding your ball using the find a ball tees

Note: Before starting your search, don’t forget to play a provisional ball, or more if needed!

  1. For best results, start from where you played your stroke.
  2. Holding the find a ball tees in front of you, walk towards the ball.
  3. As you near where you thought your ball went, look carefully for signs of bending.
  4. The find a ball tees may bend down, or up, or waggle slightly.
  5. Once you notice it, turn around to find where it’s stronger.
  6. You may need to walk forwards or backwards.
  7. Keep your eyes on the ground rather than on the find a ball tees.

Remember: When you find a ball you need to identify it as yours. Do not pick it up immediately otherwise you will incur a penalty.

You’ll find more information on the find a ball tees in the 4-page instruction manual.

This includes advanced techniques such as: single-handed with/without a pitch mark repairer and searching in ditches and ponds.

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