How does the find a ball tees work?

There are many theories over how the find a ball tees work.

Some say it’s similar to dowsing.

Many say that the find a ball tees keeps you focused on your search.

Others believe that it works like a lucky charm.

The truth is stranger than all the above…

the ball-tee affinity

In tests we noticed an affinity between the lost ball and the tee peg from which it was played.

First, use the tee from the longest part of the find a ball tees

If after your tee shot you believe you will need to search for the ball, then replace the original tee before selecting another tee from a different arm.

Repeat, if you need to play 5 from the tee.

The proximity of the head of the tee that you used increases the sensitivity of the find a ball tees.

Remember you heard it here first: the ball-tee affinity


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